Merit and Demerit System

MERIT: 1. Every student will start the new quarter with 100 points. 2. Report Card with written note of maintaining excellent manners or substantial attitude improvements by parents: “A” average 3.5 = 50 points. “B” average 3.1 = 30 points. 3. Perfect Attendance: 24 classes or more per quarter = 30 points. 4. Participate in tournaments: Gold Medal=30 pts Silver=20 pts Bronze=15 pts No Medals=10 pts 5. Recruiting new student: 1 new student = 20 points. 6. Special contribution or dedication to the academy and public = 20 points. 7. Students have earned 200 points or more in the quarter will receive the award of “Outstanding Student”. DEMERIT: 1. Angry Fighting with classmate in or outside the Academy = 50 points 2. Argument with classmate in or outside the Academy = 20 points 3. Horseplay = 10 points 4. Not showing proper respect = 5 points 5. Not paying attention in learning = 3 points 6. Talking during training = 3 points The “Red Demerit Card” will be issued by the Black Belt Instructor after (1) verbal warning. If any student the total scores drops down to 50 points in the quarter he/she will be automatically disqualified for the promotion test.


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