International Taekwondo Festival Winners!

Published by MasterLai on June 15th, 2011


To those students listed below who have competed and placed at the last International Taekwondo Festival. The results clearly speak of their dedication, and hard work in training. We are very proud of them and wish them to keep up their good work.
Thanks to Coaches: Sr. Master Ron Cabebe, Master Michael Lim, Chief Instructor Andre Echave, Instructor Rodney Viloria & Instructor Lauren Viloria for their outstanding coaching for our students.
Josh Almario 8-Yellow 1 2
Elijah Baya 1-Red/Black 2 1
Kymberlee Cabebe 1-Red/Black 1 1
Joshua Cabebe 1-Red/Black 1 1
Glen Canlas 8-Yellow 3 2
Marc Cardenas 1-Red/Black 2 3
Lea Casiles 1-Red/Black 3 2
Tristan DeLeon 4-Blue 3 2
Brent Gabriel 1-Red/Black 2 1
Amari Mascarinas 7-Yellow/Green 1 2
Kailee Mendoza 6-Green 3 3
Nathyn Mendoza 6-Green 3 1
Joshua Mojica 5-Green/Blue 1 1
Aliyah Nevarez 1-Red/Black 1 2
Mason Tan 6-Green 1 n/a
Blaze Villalon 1-Red/Black 1 1
Minerva Zamora 8-Yellow 3 2
Estelle Zamora 8-Yellow 3 1
Andrea Zamora 1-Red/Black 2 1


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